Urgent COVID19 Update

Valued Customers,

We regret to inform you that we are facing heavy delays globally on both goods inwards and outwards as a direct result of the following factors:

  • Border closures preventing entry and exit of goods from the UK
  • Various levels of COVID19 restrictions Globally
  • Announcements from several large couriers advising UK services have been temporarily suspended
  • Fewer Air Freight slots resulting in sharp price increases for shipping globally (especially Australia)
  • Massive delays on Air, Road and Sea Freight entering ports, docks and airports globally
  • Brexit related new customs procedure delays

We are actively working to mitigate any delays and service disruptions but ultimately we expect a minimum of 2 week delay on every order placed in December 2020 and January 2021 with some orders up to 4-6 Weeks. We appreciate this is painful news but we kindly ask that you bear with us and only contact our already struggling customer services department if absolutely necessary. 

Additional delays are expected throughout Jan (under the above advised lead time delays) whilst freight haulers adapt to the new EU customs market changes. This is a massive change in process for thousands of businesses so again please bear with us trusting we are working hard to maintain standards.