What to do if your unable to place an Order

If your struggling to place an order you should consider the following steps to attempt a self-resolve:

  • Have you entered your delivery address both full and complete? Failing to select a country or enter a town/city may restrict you from completing checkout.
  • Have you selected a delivery option? If you haven't selected a delivery option you cannot proceed through step 2 of checkout.
  • Have you checked your payment method? If your Credit/Debit Card payment is failing we recommend calling your Bank to verify the payment you wish to make. Alternatively we offer other payment methods such as 'Bank Transfer' and 'PayPal'.
  • Have you fully completed checkout? Make sure to complete all 4 steps of checkout and wait until you see the 'Order Placed' screen before closing your browser. 

If you still need help placing your order you can contact us via phone or leave a message on our ticket desk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.